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  • RT-PCR Test : Result In 24-48 Hours
  • Antigen Rapid Test : Result In 10min
  • Antibody Immunoassay Rapid Test
  • Travelers Clearance Certificate
  • Express PCR Service Certificate
  • 신속 항원 검사(10분이내 결과)
  • 신속 항체 검사(10분이내 결과)
  • 국내외 여행용 음성 확인서
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Skilled Nursing

Our Registered Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses under supervision of a Registered Nurse provide a wide range of skilled nursing services, including:

+ Wound Care

+ Dressing Changes

+ Catheter Care

+ Medication Supervision

+ Treatment & Injection

+ Restorative Care

+ Respiratory Care

+ Ostomy Care

+ IV Antibiotics & Fluids

+ Care of Terminally Ill

+ Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition

+ Diabetes Management

+ Blood Draw & Lab Work

+ Pre-/Post-Operative Care

Patient education has been shown to produce better outcomes and enhance quality of care. At Sierra Home Health Care Services, we believe that effective education helps patients better understand their medical conditions, reduce anxiety, and increase compliance with instructions. Our skilled nurses will take the time to teach the patient regarding their medical conditions. Common topics of patient education include family/patient health, diabetes management, and ostomy management.

Home Health Aide

Assist patient with personal care, meal, preparation and ambulation under professional supervision.

Our certified home health aides provide support for patients and their families by assisting with tasks ranging from personal care to basic health assistance. Any services performed will be done in a way that maximizes patient safety and independence while being respectful of the patient’s boundaries.

Our certified home health aides can assist with…

+ Bathing. The elderly may resist bathing for a number of reasons, but not bathing may lead to skin or urinary tract infections. Our home health aides are trained to assist with bathing in a way that is efficient and comfortable for the patient. They also offer sponge bath services for patient with limited mobility.

+ Aid in Personal Care. As people age, even tasks that were once simple may become difficult. Home health aides can help patients perform routine tasks such as brushing their teeth or washing their face to maintain their personal hygiene.

+ Ambulation under professional supervision. Patients may have difficulty moving about due to injuries or chronic illnesses. Our home health aides are trained to assist with ambulation using specific strategies and techniques to minimize the patient’s risk of injury.

+ And more!

Social isolation has been linked to numerous health risks including hypertension, heart disease, and depression, among others. Yet studies have shown that over 40% of the elderly report regularly experiencing loneliness. Our home health aides provide meaningful companionship for their patients through caring conversation while they perform their services. They are willing (and excited!) to hear what their patients have to say, from how their day is going to their past experiences.

We also recognize that it may be frustrating and stressful if your home health aide changes frequently. As Sierra Home Health Care Services, we match patients and caregivers based on the preferences indicated in the initial assessment. It is our goal to pair you with a caregiver that is a perfect match for you. Once a match has been made, we aim to provide constancy of care by assigning the same caregiver or group of caregivers to each patient whenever possible. The benefit of this is twofold. You or your loved one will feel more comfortable and safe, while the caregiver will quickly learn your specific needs and preferences.

Physical Therapy

Patients that have impaired physical function due to an injury, disability, disease, or other chronic medical condition may benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy has been shown to improve mobility, movement, and balance, which in turn helps with fall prevention. It has also been shown to improve pain management, reduce the need for opioids, reduce the need for surgery, and assist in the recovery from injury, trauma, stroke, or paralysis.

Our physical therapists will work with the patient to restore specific loss of function, range of motion, or strength and assist with the use of adaptive equipment for rehabilitation. When working with a physical therapist, the patient will first undergo a physical exam and evaluation to determine potential diagnoses. They will then undergo additional tests and measures to confirm the diagnosis. Once a clinical diagnosis is made, the physical therapist will discuss the patient’s goals and develop a plan of care. The patient will receive physical therapy treatments and modalities including controlled exercise, ultrasound, joint mobilization, among others. The patient will also receive self-management recommendations to further improve their function.

Occupational Therapy

While the focus of physical therapy is helping patients recover mobility and range of motion and decreasing pain, the focus of occupational therapy is improving patients’ ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (iADLs). ADLs are activities that are oriented towards taking care of one’s body such as bathing, showering, dressing, feeding, and functional mobility. IADLs are activities that support one’s daily life and are often more complex than ADLs. IADLs include driving, meal preparation, home management, and health management, among others. Our occupational therapists will evaluate and treat impaired physical function, with the goal of improving and maximizing function and performance so that patients may live a healthier, more productive, and more satisfying lives.

+ Occupational therapy may benefit patients with…

+ Neurological disorders (Cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.)

+ Arthritis

+ Hip and knee replacement

+ Chronic pain

+ And more!

For each patient, our occupational therapists will perform an evaluation to determine a baseline status for tissues to be treated. This evaluation will assess the patient’s initial range of motion, strength and balance. The occupational therapist will discuss the results of this assessment with the patient to set appropriate goals, which will guide future sessions. Once goals have been set, the occupational therapist will use techniques such as modalities, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise to improve the patient’s ability to perform ADLs. The patient may work on fine & gross motor skills, endurance, strength & range of motion, executive functioning, motor planning, and sequencing. The occupational therapist will also offer exercises to for the patient to perform at home.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists will help patients regain speech abilities and improve cognitive communication skills impaired by illnesses or accidents. For each patient, our speech therapists will perform an initial assessment to determine the client’s needs and necessary treatments. They will then help the client perform speech therapy exercises including problem solving, memory & organization, conversational tactics to improve social communications, and exercises to strengthen oral muscles. In the event that a patient has difficulty swallowing due to an injury or medical condition, speech therapists will also assist with the retraining of swallowing function.

Medical Social Services

Our social workers provide medical social services to help deal with social and emotional factors related to illness and injury. They are also available to assist and educate you and/or your loved ones regarding financial and social resources available to help pay for home health care services and improve care in the home. When you first enroll with Sierra Home Health Care Services, our social workers will evaluate the home for patient safety. They will also monitor for potential elder abuse or neglect during the course of service.