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Diagnostics have partnered together to bring you the Community Health Testing Program

The ICH testing program is a comprehensive turn-key COVID-19 testing solution that combines highly accurate tests with rapid results, automated test data collection and data analytics, daily health screenings and a test program management application to effectively administer the overall testing program. Inspire’s testing program is a comprehensive turn-key COVID-19 testing solution that offers:

  • A best-in-class point-of-care testing platform that combines high accuracy with rapid test results from a leading diagnostics company with an established 20+ year track record and millions of tests deployed.
  • Powerful data analytics and management to help administrators assess the risk of COVID-19 to their community. All test data are automatically uploaded from the test site to a HIPAA-compliant data store for further analysis.
  • Software tools (mobile app and web application) to streamline the administration of a large-scale testing program.
  • Daily health screening mobile app to supplement the testing effort in quickly identifying and isolating at-risk individuals.
  • Turn-key testing service in which Inspire Diagnostics personnel conducts all tests in cases where the organization lacks the infrastructure or expertise to conduct their own testing.
  • Our rapid tests provide a quantitative measurement of the level of COVID-19 antibodies and antigen detected. This extra information enables detailed trending analysis to be performed that would otherwise be impossible with a strictly qualitative test.
  • Inspire Diagnostics’ rapid point-of-care tests are categorized as fluorescence immunoassay tests. Most of the other point-of-care tests on the market today are lateral flow immunoassay tests which have been widely discredited for their poor accuracy.


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