No Cost PCR Test


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No Cost PCR Test

Result In 24-48 Hours

무료 pcr 검사 (24-48 시간안에 검사 결과)

Antigen Rapid Test

Result In 10min
신속 항원 검사 (10분이내 검사 결과)

Antibody Immunoassay Rapid Test

신속 항체 검사 (10분이내 검사 결과)

Travelers Clearance Certificate

국내외 여행용 음성 확인서

No Cost PCR Door To Door Test

단체, 비지니스, 교회 무료 출장 서비스


We would also like “PCR laboratory testing”, “Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test”, and “COVID-19 IgM/IgG test” to lead to separate web pages for PCR Test, Antigen Test, and Antibody Test, respectively. We would also like for this text to be underlined so users recognize that there is a link.

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Mercury Smart Health Solutions is a state Licensed & Medicare Certified agency which provides coordinated and comprehensive health care to homebound individuals in their place of residence.